Articles of association

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(Revised in December 2020, approved by the Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province)

Articles of Association of Guangdong Electronic Information Industry

Act 1   

Article 1 The name of the Association is Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association, hereinafter referred to as "the Association".。The title is Guangdong Electronics and Information Industry Association (GDEIA)。

Article 2 The Association is a non-profit, provincial and industrial social organization voluntarily formed by enterprises and institutions, colleges and universities, research institutes, testing institutions and relevant social organizations in the field of electronic information in Guangdong Province in order to safeguard the common legitimate rights and interests。The Association has the status of a social organization as a legal person, protected by national laws, and bears civil liability。

Article 3 The Council shall adhere to the overall leadership of the Communist Party of China and, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Communist Party of China, establish organizations of the Communist Party of China, carry out Party activities and provide necessary conditions for the activities of Party organizations。

Article 4 The registration authority of the Association is the Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department, and the leading organ for Party building is the Guangdong Social Organization Committee of the Communist Party of China。The Association accepts the supervision and administration of the registration administration authority and the party building leading authority and the business guidance of the relevant functional departments of the Guangdong Provincial People's Government。

Article 5 The activity area of the Association is Guangdong Province。

Article 6 The domicile of the Association is located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province。

Act 2  Party building work

Article 7 In accordance with the provisions of the Party Constitution, when there are more than three formal party members, the Party organization shall be established separately with the approval of the Party organization at a higher level。If there is a party member in charge of the Association, the party member in charge shall be the secretary of the Party organization;If there is no party member in charge of the Association, the party member director with strong business ability and good mass foundation shall be recommended as the secretary of the Party organization。

When the number of formal party members is less than three, the party organization shall be established by means of joint formation, affiliated formation, etc., and the Party's work shall be carried out in the Council。

Those who do not have formal party members shall support and cooperate with higher-level organizations in carrying out Party work and creating conditions for the establishment of Party organizations。

Article 8 The secretary of the Party organization of the Association participates in the decision-making of the Council, and puts forward opinions on the important decisions of the Association, important business activities, large funds, receiving large donations, and carrying out foreign-related activities。

Article 9 When the Council changes, Withers or cancels, the party organization shall report to the higher party organization in a timely manner, and do a good job in transferring the relationship between party members and other related work。

Article 10 The Association provides necessary venues, personnel and financial support for Party organizations to carry out activities and do a good job。

Article 11 The Association supports the establishment of trade unions, the Communist Youth League, women's federations, and does a good job of contacting the workers and the masses。

Act 3  Purpose and scope of business

Article 12 The purpose of this Association: abide by the laws, regulations and policies of the state, practice the core values of socialism, abide by social morality, and promote the spirit of patriotism。Implement and implement state policies,Cooperate with relevant government departments to do a good job in industry management,To communicate the relationship between the government, enterprises and society,Safeguard the interests of the industry and the legitimate rights and interests of members,Active service to members, industry and government,Reflect members' demands,Promote industry self-discipline,Give full play to the role of Bridges,Give full play to the overall advantages of the industry,To promote the sustainable and healthy development of the electronic information industry in Guangdong Province,We will strive to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

Article 13 The main business scope of the Association:

(1) Providing information services。Edit and publish association publications and website operation and other media carriers, establish industry information database and industry expert database, transmit policies and regulations, industry management information, collect and publish market conditions, business conditions, project trends, industry statistics and other information。  

(2) Developing human resources。Organize members to participate in technical and job training, and hold various forms of talent supply and demand docking activities to solve the needs of member enterprises for various professional talents。

(3) Organizing market development。Strengthen exchanges and cooperation between enterprises, cooperate with enterprises to find business opportunities, offer suggestions for enterprises to enhance their competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets, carry out industrial upstream and downstream enterprises docking activities, promote the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to cooperate with each other, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win。

4. Developing friendly relations with counterparts at home and abroad。Organize various forms of economic and technological exchanges at home and abroad, carry out industrial discussions, visits, mutual visits, trade cooperation, technology introduction and other activities, so as to create conditions for enterprises to timely understand the development trend of the international technology market and build a platform for foreign technology and economic exchanges and cooperation。

(5) Providing technical services。Promote the industry's technological progress achievements, advanced and applicable new products, new technologies, new processes, new materials, new equipment, popularize the knowledge of safety production, and provide various forms of technical services for enterprises。

(6) Promoting brand strategy。Implement technological innovation, assist members to create famous brands and famous trademarks, establish an excellent image of the enterprise's own brand, and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise's products in the domestic and foreign markets。

(7) Providing consulting services。Carry out regional development strategy and enterprise management consulting services to promote the industry and enterprises to improve their core competitiveness。Accept argumentation consultation on matters related to the industry;Prepare implementation plans for regional, enterprise and product adjustment, and promote the adjustment and optimization of industrial structure;To guide and help enterprises to improve operation and management, and to promote innovation in enterprise system and management;Provide relevant suggestions and consulting services for enterprise asset reorganization, project preparation and declaration。

8. Providing coordination services。Objectively and impartially mediate disputes and conflicts involving business activities between members, members and non-members, members and consumers。To participate in industrial collective bargaining and put forward opinions and suggestions concerning the interests of members and the industry。

(9) Actively reflect the opinions and requirements of member units and industries on the development and operation of the industry to government departments。

(10) To represent the relevant economic organizations in the industry to submit anti-dumping, countervailing investigation or take safeguard measures, organize the industry enterprises to actively respond to international and domestic trade disputes, and assist the government and its departments to carry out relevant work, organize and coordinate the industry enterprises to participate in relevant litigation activities。

(11) Actively communicate and coordinate with relevant government departments, participate in decision-making involving the interests of the industry, legislative argumentation and consultation, reflect the interests of members, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of members and the industry。

(12) Promote the protection and management of intellectual property rights in the electronic information industry, and coordinate the solution of intellectual property rights issues involving the major interests of the industry。

(13) To accelerate industry self-discipline and integrity construction,Enhance exchanges and cooperation in the industry,Improve the level of operation and service quality,Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of industries and consumers,Actively build a healthy and harmonious market environment,In accordance with relevant state laws and regulations and industry rules,And combined with the characteristics of the industry to formulate the Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Specification Convention,Include member units in the scope of signing,At the same time to the whole industry to promote and jointly sign and comply with,Standardize the production and operation behavior of industries and member units,Implement standardized operation。

(14) To promote the integrity of members and maintain fair competition among members and the industry。    

(15) Promote the construction of industry product certification and enterprise quality management system, strengthen the self-discipline of product and service quality, cooperate with government supervision and management, and crack down on illegal acts of manufacturing and selling counterfeit and shoddy products。

(16) To publicize and implement the national economic work guidelines and electronic information industry development policies, organize member units to learn relevant laws, regulations and policies, and strengthen the education and supervision of members' law-abiding business and tax payment。

(17) Organize industry surveys, participate in the formulation of industry development plans, and carry out the evaluation of major technological transformation, technology introduction, investment projects and development projects in the industry and the preliminary demonstration of feasibility studies。

(18) To carry out industry statistics, analyze, study and exchange the technical and economic operation indicators and change trends of the whole industry and enterprises, and provide information services for government and enterprise decision-making。

(19) To participate in the demonstration of relevant industry standards, to assist government departments and enterprise organizations in formulating and revising industry and enterprise technical, economic, management and other standards, and to organize and promote the implementation of relevant national standards and supervision and coordination。

(20) Undertake other work authorized or entrusted by relevant government functional departments, organize the identification of products, technologies and scientific research results, organize the relevant review of industry management, participate in various qualification reviews, carry out scientific and technological project evaluation and consultation, and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry。

(21) Organize enterprises in the industry to participate in various evaluation activities。

(22) To carry out the business permitted by the purpose of this Council and other matters entrusted or authorized by the government and its functional departments。

(23) In accordance with the principles of self-reliance, autonomy and self-support, appropriate development of the community economy, participation in the joint establishment of economic entities necessary to support the development of trade and social public welfare undertakings。

Matters involving laws, regulations and regulations that require approval may only be carried out after approval is obtained according to law。

Act Four 

Article 14 Members of the Association are divided into unit members and group members。

Any legal person organization engaged in the field of electronic information research and development, production and sales, maintenance services, inspection and testing, system integration, industrial application, etc. in Guangdong Province can apply for unit membership。

Relevant social organizations in Guangdong Province may apply to become group members。

Article 15 Members who apply to join the Association must meet the following conditions:

(1) Support the constitution of the Association;

(b) have the intention to join the Council;

(C) in the field of the industry has a certain influence and good reputation;

(4) should hold the industrial and commercial business license or social organization legal person registration certificate and other relevant documents。

Article 16 The membership procedure is as follows:

(1) Submit an application for membership;

(2) After discussion and adoption by the Board of Directors;

(3) Membership card issued by the Board of Directors or an organization authorized by the Board of Directors;

(4) Timely announcement on the website of the Association, newsletters, etc。

Article 17 Members shall enjoy the following rights:

(A) Attend the member (representative) assembly, participate in the activities of the Association and accept the services provided by the Association;

(2) The right to vote, to stand for election and to vote;

(3) the right to propose motions, make suggestions and supervise the work of the Council;

(D) to obtain the priority of various services provided by the Association;

(5) request the Association to provide assistance for safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of members;

(6) entrust the Commission to handle relevant matters;

(vii) request to obtain other rights in accordance with the articles of Association;

(8) Membership is voluntary and withdrawal is free。

Article 18 Members shall perform the following obligations:

(1) Abide by the articles of Association;

(2) Implement the resolutions of the Council;

(3) to pay dues according to regulations;

(4) Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the Association and the industry;

(5) actively participate in the relevant activities of the Association;

(6) to complete the work assigned by the Council;

(7) To report the situation to the Council and provide relevant information。

Article 19 Criteria for members to pay dues:

(1) The president unit and the vice president unit pay an annual membership fee of 10,000 yuan;

(2) The director unit and the chief supervisor unit pay an annual membership fee of 5,000 yuan;

(3) The general member unit and the supervisory unit pay an annual membership fee of 2,000 yuan;

(4) The unit that serves as the director and deputy director of the professional committee shall increase the annual membership fee by 5,000 yuan on the basis of the original membership level。

Article 20 Members shall notify the Association in writing of withdrawal and return their membership cards。Refusal to return, shall be declared invalid by the Council。

If a member does not pay membership dues or does not participate in the activities of the Association for two years, it will be regarded as automatic withdrawal from the association。Upon confirmation of the Council, the membership of the Council is revoked。

Article 21 Members who do not comply with the articles of Association will be criticized and educated by the Association;If there is a serious violation of the Articles of Association, the members' assembly (or the members' representative assembly) will vote to remove the name, and publish an announcement on the website, newsletter, etc。

Chapter Five  Formation and removal of the organization and the person in charge

Article 22 The supreme authority of the Council is the General Assembly。The General Assembly shall be composed of all members and shall exercise its functions and powers in accordance with the provisions of national laws and regulations and the Articles of Association。When necessary, representatives may be elected from among the members in a certain proportion to form the members' congress and act as the representatives of the general Assembly。Members' representatives shall be elected in a democratic manner, the qualification conditions and methods of election shall be formulated by the Board of Directors in accordance with the articles of association, and the members' representatives shall be elected again at the time of a new term。

Article 23 The Assembly of Members (representatives) shall exercise the following functions and powers in accordance with the provisions of national laws and regulations and the articles of Association:

(1) To decide on the business scope and work functions of the Association within the scope prescribed by laws and regulations;

(2) To elect or remove the chairman, vice chairman, director, secretary general, chief supervisor or supervisor;

(3) To examine the work reports and financial budgets and final accounts of the Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors;

(4) To formulate and revise the standards for the payment of membership dues;

(e) to consider the Council's proposals for the expulsion of members;

(vi) make resolutions on changes, dissolution and liquidation of the Association;

(7) To alter or annul inappropriate decisions of the Council;

(8) To formulate or amend articles of association and methods for electing organizational bodies;

(9) deciding on termination;

(10) To decide on other major matters。

Article 24  The membership (representative) assembly is held for four years。Due to special circumstances, it is necessary to advance or postpone the change of the term, which must be voted by the board of directors and reported to the registration administration authority for approval。However, the extension of the term of office shall not exceed one year。The General Assembly shall meet at least once every two years。In special cases, the Council may consider it necessary or at the proposal of more than one-fifth of the members, convene a temporary general meeting of members (representatives)。

Article 25 The general meeting of members (representatives) must be attended by more than two-thirds of all members (representatives), and its resolutions must be passed by more than half of all members (representatives)。

A member (representative) who is not present for any reason may entrust another member (representative) to act as an agent, and the agent shall present a power of attorney and exercise the right to vote within the scope of authorization。

The general assembly of members (representatives) shall make minutes of the decisions on the items discussed and announce them to the members。

Article 26 The Council shall establish a council。The board of Directors is composed of the president, vice president, secretary general and directors。The Council shall be a permanent body of the members (representatives) and shall perform its duties in accordance with the resolutions of the General Assembly of Members (representatives) and the provisions of the Constitution of the Association。The composition of the Board of Directors is generally odd, and the number of directors shall not exceed one-third of the number of members (representatives)。

Article 27 The functions and powers of the Council shall be:

(1) Preparing and convening meetings of members (representatives);

(2) To implement the resolutions of the General Assembly of members (representatives) and report on the work to the general Assembly of members (representatives);

(3) to decide on the specific work of the Council; 

(4) Drawing up plans for annual financial budget, final accounts, changes, dissolution and liquidation of the Association;

(5) to formulate plans for increasing the registered capital of the Association;

(vi) Decide on the establishment of the internal organs of the Council, and lead the internal organs of the Council to carry out work;

(vii) To decide on the admission of new applicants and the punishment of members, and to propose the expulsion of members;

(8) to decide on the main person in charge of the branch of the Association;Appoint or dismiss the deputy Secretary-General and the principal person in charge of the office and representative office of the Council upon nomination by the Secretary-General, and decide on their remuneration;Election and removal of directors;

(9) Formulate the internal management system of the Association;

(10) Other matters stipulated by the articles of Association。

Article 28 The Council shall hold a meeting at least once a year, which may be convened by means of communication or other forms according to special circumstances。The Council shall be convened only when more than two-thirds of the directors are present, and its resolutions shall take effect only when voted by more than two-thirds of the directors present. Major matters shall be voted by secret ballot。

Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be attended by the directors themselves。If a director is not present for any reason, he or she may appoint another director as his or her agent in writing, and the agent shall present a power of attorney and exercise his or her voting rights within the scope of authorization。

The Board of Directors shall form a meeting minutes of the resolutions and announce them to all members。

Article 29 The meeting of the Council shall be convened and presided over by the President, and may also be convened and presided over by the Vice president or the Secretary-General as entrusted by the President。More than one-third of the Board members may propose an extraordinary meeting of the Board。

Article 30 The Board of Supervisors shall be elected by the members (representatives) assembly。The Board of Supervisors shall be composed of three supervisors, whose term of office is the same as that of the directors, and shall not be reappointed for more than two terms。The board of supervisors shall have a chief supervisor who shall be elected by the board of Supervisors。The chief supervisor convenes and presides over meetings of the board of supervisors;If the chief supervisor is unable to perform his duties or fails to do so, a supervisor jointly nominated by more than half of the supervisors shall convene and preside over the meeting of the board of supervisors。

The president, vice president, director and secretary general shall not serve concurrently as supervisors。

Article 31 The president, vice president, secretary general, chief supervisor and supervisor of the Association must meet the following requirements:

(1) adhere to the Party's line, principles and policies and observe state laws and regulations;

(b) in the field of the industry has a greater impact;

(3) The maximum age of the president, vice president and Secretary-General shall not exceed 70 years of age;

(4) be in good health and able to work normally;

(5) not subject to criminal punishment of deprivation of political rights;

(6) Having full capacity for civil conduct。

(7) Other circumstances in which no laws, regulations or policies provide for such duties。

Article 32 The Association shall have a President, several vice presidents and a secretary General。The President shall be the legal representative of the Association, and the legal representative of the Association shall not concurrently be the legal representative of other social organizations。

After the President of the Association is removed or leaves office, he shall no longer perform the functions and powers of the legal representative of the Association。The Council shall, within 20 days after his removal or resignation, report to the leading party building authority for examination and approval, and register the change with the registration administration authority。

If the original legal representative does not cooperate with the registration of the change of legal representative, the Council may, according to the resolution of the Council agreeing to the change, report to the party building leading organ for examination and approval, and apply to the registration administration organ for registration of the change。

Article 33 The Secretary-General of the Association is a full-time, elective system, and the secretary-general and president cannot be elected in the same enterprise。The president may not concurrently serve as Secretary-General。

Article 34 The term of office of the President, Vice president and Secretary General of the Association is four years, and the re-election of the president and Secretary general shall not exceed two terms。

Article 35 The President of the Association shall exercise the following powers:

(1) To convene and preside over meetings of the Council;

(2) To check the implementation of the resolutions of the General Assembly and the Council of Members (representatives);

(3) Sign relevant important documents on behalf of the Association;

(4) to handle relevant important matters on behalf of the Association。

Article 36 The Vice President and Secretary General of the Association shall work under the leadership of the President, and the Secretary General shall be responsible to the Council。The Secretary-General shall be full-time and exercise the following functions and powers:

(1) to preside over the daily work of the office and organize the implementation of annual work plans;

(2) To organize the formulation and implementation of annual work plans, budgets and decisions;

(3) coordinating the work of branches, representative offices and entities;

(4) To nominate deputy secretaries-general and principal heads of offices, branches, representative offices and entities, and submit them to the Council for decision;

(5) The appointment or dismissal of full-time staff members of nominated offices, representative offices and entities shall be submitted to the President's Office meeting for approval;

(6) to handle other daily affairs;

(7) To handle other affairs authorized by the President。

Article 37 The Board of supervisors shall exercise the following functions and powers:

(1) Report annual work to the General Assembly of members (representatives);

(2) To supervise the qualification confirmation, procedures, election and dismissal of participants in the member (representative) assembly and the Board of Directors;To supervise the implementation of the resolutions of the General Assembly of members (representatives);

(3) Check the financial and accounting information of the Association, and report the situation to the registration administration authority and the tax and accounting authorities;

(4) The chief supervisor and supervisor attend the office meeting of the Board of Directors and the president, confirm the legality and validity of the matters resolved by the Board of Directors and the President's office meeting, and have the right to raise questions and suggestions to the Board of Directors and the President's office meeting;

(5) Handle internal conflicts in accordance with the law and regulations, in a fair and just manner, and have the right to propose a council of directors to vote on matters related to coordination, and safeguard the parties' right to defend;

(6) To supervise the Council's compliance with laws and regulations。When the President, Vice President, director and Secretary-General carry out business activities that harm the interests of the Association, they shall be required to correct and report to the General Assembly of members (representatives) or relevant government departments when necessary。

The Board of Supervisors shall abide by the relevant laws and regulations and the articles of Association, accept the leadership of the members (representatives) assembly, and earnestly perform its duties。

Article 38 The Council shall set up branches and representative offices according to the needs of the work, and carry out work under the leadership of the Council。Rules and procedures for the establishment of branches and representative offices:

(1) The secretariat of the Association shall propose specific plans for the establishment of branches and representative offices;

(2) Submit the specific plan to the President's office meeting for discussion and adoption;

(3) Submit the specific plan after adoption to the Council for consideration and approval。

Act 6 Principles of property management and use

Article 39 Sources of funds:

(1) membership fee;

(2) donation;

(3) Income from government subsidies or government purchase of services;

(4) Income from activities or services carried out within the approved business scope;

(5) interest;

(6) other lawful income

Article 40 The income and usage of the Association shall be announced to the general Assembly of members (representatives) and subject to the supervision and inspection of the general Assembly of members (representatives)。

Article 41 When accepting donations, the Association shall abide by laws and regulations, and shall not apportion in any form or in disguised form。

Donors, sponsors or units, members and supervisors have the right to inquire about the use and management of donated assets to the Association, and put forward opinions and suggestions。For donors, funders or units, members, supervisors of the inquiry, the Association should be timely and truthful reply。

Donors and donors do not retain or enjoy any property rights on the property invested in the Association。

Article 42 The funds of the Association must be used for the business scope and development of undertakings as stipulated in the Articles of Association, property and other income shall be protected by law, and no unit or individual shall seize, privately divide or misappropriate。

Without the approval of the member (representative) assembly, no debt shall be borrowed in the name of the Association, no public funds shall be lent to other units, and no economic guarantee shall be provided to other units and individuals in the name of the Association。

Article 43 If the president, vice president, director, chief supervisor, supervisor, secretary general and staff of the Association privately divide, occupy or misappropriate the property of the Association, they shall be returned and reviewed at the general assembly of members (representatives);If the case constitutes a crime, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law。

Article 44 The Association shall implement the "Accounting System for Non-governmental Non-profit Organizations", conduct accounting according to law, establish and improve the internal accounting supervision system, and ensure that the accounting information is legal, true, accurate and complete。

The Council accepts the tax supervision and accounting supervision carried out by the tax and accounting authorities according to law。

Article 45 The Association shall be equipped with accounting personnel with professional competence。An accountant shall not concurrently serve as a teller。Accountants must conduct accounting and exercise accounting supervision。When an accountant transfers his work or leaves his post, he must clear the handover formalities with the receiver。

Article 46 The asset management of the Association must implement the financial management system stipulated by the state, and accept the supervision of the member (representative) assembly and the financial department。If the source of assets belongs to state appropriations or social donations or subsidies, they must accept the supervision of audit institutions and publicize the relevant information to the public in an appropriate manner。

Article 47 The annual report, change of term, change of legal representative and liquidation of the Association shall be audited。

Article 48 The full-time staff of the Association shall implement the full employment system, open recruitment to the public, and conclude labor contracts。Their wages, insurance and welfare benefits shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State。

Act 7  Internal management system and conflict resolution mechanism

Article 49 The Association establishes various internal management systems and improves relevant management procedures。Establish relevant systems and documents such as the "Member Management Measures", "Member (representative) Assembly election Measures" and "Branch Management Measures"。

Article 50 The Association shall establish and improve the internal management system of certificates, seals, archives, documents, etc., and keep the above articles and materials in the premises of the Association properly, and no unit or individual shall illegally occupy them。When a manager transfers work or leaves office, he or she must go through the handover formalities with the receiver。

Article 51 If the certificate or seal is lost, the Council may apply to the registration authority for re-issuance or engraving by publishing the loss declaration in the published newspapers and periodicals after voting by more than two-thirds of the council members。If it is illegally occupied by an individual, it shall request its return through legal channels。

Article 52 The Council shall establish a democratic consultation and internal conflict resolution mechanism。If an internal conflict cannot be resolved through consultation, it may be resolved through mediation, litigation and other channels according to law。

Act 8  Information disclosure and credit commitment

Article 53 The Council shall comply with relevant policies and regulations,Fulfill the obligation of information disclosure,Establish an information disclosure system,Timely disclosure of annual work reports, reports issued by third-party organizations, income and expenditure of contributions, and other information deemed necessary by the Board of Directors,Timely open to the public registration items, articles of association, organizations, acceptance of donations, credit commitments, government transfers or entrusted matters, services available and operation information。

Article 54 The Association shall establish an annual report system, and the contents of the annual report shall be disclosed to the public in a timely manner and subject to public supervision。

Article 55 The Association focuses on the establishment of a credit commitment system around the service content, service mode, service object and fee standard, and discloses the credit commitment content to the society。

Act 9  Procedures for amendment of articles of association

Article 56 Amendments to the articles of Association shall be submitted to the General Assembly of members (representatives) for deliberation after being approved by the Board of Directors。

Article 57 The revised articles of Association shall take effect after being submitted to the registration authority for approval within 30 days after being adopted by the General Assembly of members (representatives)。

Act 10  Termination proceedings and disposal of property after termination

Article 58 The Association shall be terminated under any of the following circumstances, and the Council shall propose a motion for cancellation:

(1) Fulfilling the purposes specified in the articles of association;

(2) The resolution of the general assembly of the members (representatives) to dissolve;

(3) division or merger of the Association;

(4) Unable to continue its work in accordance with the purposes specified in the articles of association。

Article 59 The motion for termination of this Council shall be voted through by the General Assembly of members (representatives) and submitted to the registration authority for examination and approval。

Article 60 Before the termination of the Association, it shall set up a liquidation organization under the guidance of the registration administration authority and relevant units to settle claims and debts and deal with the aftermath。During the liquidation period, no activities other than liquidation shall be carried out。The Association shall, within 15 days from the date of the liquidation, go through the formalities of cancellation of registration with the registration administration authority。

Article 61 The Association shall terminate upon the cancellation of registration by the registration administration authority。

Article 62 The remaining property after the termination of the Association shall, under the supervision of the registration and management authority, be used for the development of undertakings related to the purposes of the Association, or donated to social organizations with similar purposes in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State。

Chapter 11   

Article 63 The Articles of Association were adopted by the vote of the First General Meeting of the Fifth Members (representatives) on December 4, 2020。

Article 64 The right to interpret these Articles of Association belongs to the Board of Directors of the Association。

Article 65 The Articles of Association shall come into force as of the date of approval by the registration administration authority。