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Foshan Technology Research Zhilian Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by Sanji Precision Technology (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. and Advantech Technology, focusing on providing textile enterprises with digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing overall solutions。Based on independent research and development of edge intelligence platform,iTEX industrial cloud platform can provide enterprises with the overall planning and implementation of smart factories, effectively solve the problems of production, quality, process, equipment, energy, storage and other links, promote enterprises to digital transformation, and help industrial upgrading。

The edge intelligent platform developed by Technology Research and development is composed of intelligent controller, intelligent gateway, edge server and other core products,Integrated multiple iot technologies,Devices can be easily networked on the edge side,Real-time data collection of all aspects of the production process,Collaborate with cloud platforms,And through edge computing to achieve the production process of advanced data analysis, scene perception, autonomous decision-making, intelligent control, accurate execution and other functions,It can help textile enterprises to analyze the collected production data, equipment data and even environmental data,Fully tap the value of data,Find the key factors for productivity improvement,Ultimately bring the greatest economic benefits to the enterprise。

Independent research and development of technology ZhailianiTEX industrial cloud platform provides a perfect data port that can be integrated and compatible with heterogeneous systems, which can open up all kinds of factory systems and cross-business data under the same platform, so that enterprises can achieve business collaboration based on data and processes。

同时,iTEX industrial cloud platform includes multiple functional modules such as plan management, equipment management, energy management, quality management, process management, warehousing management, intelligent scheduling, personnel management, and environmental safety management,Enterprise managers can control all aspects of the factory at any time and anywhere through mobile phones, computers, kanban, large screens and other channels,Help enterprises effectively improve work efficiency,Reduce additional communication and data transfer costs across systems,Improve the operation efficiency of the enterprise。

The main service object is the entire textile printing and dyeing industry manufacturing enterprises and printing and dyeing equipment manufacturers。For printing and dyeing enterprises, the company has independent research and developmentiTEX cloud platform and edge intelligence platform break the monopoly of Europe and the United States, and use self-developed hardware products such as intelligent controllers, intelligent gateways and edge servers to break the status quo of data heterogeneity and achieve device interconnection。Since its establishment a year ago, the company has been to seven colors Rainbow, giant Eagle Group, Suifu Textile, Datang Printing and dyeing, Dingxin Printing and dyeing, Binsheng Group, Fawn textile, Jufeng cloth industry, etc. 30A number of large and medium-sized textile enterprises in Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions provide cloud platform construction and consulting services, and have won unanimous praise from customers。

For the manufacturers of printing and dyeing equipment, the current service method of technical research is to build the entire system of the edge intelligent platform before the dyeing machine, molding machine and other equipment leaves the factory, and help enterprises to be simpleShift from "equipment manufacturer" to "total equipment solution";From simply "selling equipment" to "selling services";Change from "sell and end management" to "whole life cycle management"。

We always adhere to the continuous upgrading and iteration of products and services to meet and lead the needs of customers。未来,It will continue to increase investment in research and development, combine advanced technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, deeply participate in the construction of the industrial Internet, and promote the rapid realization of digital transformation and intelligent manufacturing in the textile industryTo become the world's leading digital and intelligent overall solution provider for the textile industry。