Huizhou Dejinchang photoelectric technology Co., LTD

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      Company Name:Huizhou Dejinchang Photoelectric Technology Co., LTD., established time:2001428Investment shareholder: Jinshi Copper Co., LTD., registered capital:1220$10,000 (paid-in capital1220Usd 10,000), total investment:1952$10,000, area: Total area of the factory48000Square meters, building area approx40000Square meter。

      Main scope:All kinds of electronic components and accessories and components, electronic wires, power cables, network cables, signal cables, connecting cables, connectors, connectors, power adapters, all kinds of copper and copper alloy conductors, conductors, enamelled wires, tinned copper wires, silver-plated copper wires, gold-plated copper wires and other non-ferrous metal alloy copper wires。Products are sold in domestic and foreign markets。Engaged in the company's self-produced products of similar commodities and raw materials wholesale and import and export business。

      行业:According to the classification of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the company's industry is computer, communications and other electronic equipment manufacturing (C39)。The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is the competent department of China's electronic components industry, responsible for formulating industrial policies, industrial planning, and macroeconomic regulation of the development direction of the industry。

      Number of employees:Total number of employees315People, among them managers35People, sales people6People, production, technical and logistics personnel274

      Administrative division:The company implements the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors. The general manager is fully responsible for all business and management activities of the company and has the right to rationally allocate, appoint and remove the company's personnel, assets and materials。

      Production capacity:具备1800/Moon round copper wire,500/Moon welding tape Product capacity

      Production technology:The diameter of the processed copper wire can reach the minimum0.013MMAll products are produced according to customer order requirements, and each process has undergone strict quality inspection。

      Main products:Bare copper wire, tin-plated wire, silver-plated wire, stranding methods of different stranding products and photovoltaic welding products。It is widely used in precision electronic devices (such as digital cameras, notebook internal extremely thin multi-core cables), medical devices (such as internal wiring of ultrasonic diagnostic devices), aviation (such as high-temperature alloy cables), automotive (such as connectors, die-cast flake ignition devices), communications (such as mobile phones, network equipment connections), game consoles, industrial robots (such as bending cables or spring cables), shipsShip, deep sea cable, drilling and other high-end fields。With the development of consumer electronic products towards intelligent, thin and portable, new intelligent terminal products emerge endlessly, providing broad market prospects and development opportunities for the company's communication wire。