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       Guangdong Ruijiang Cloud Computing Co., LTD. (referred to as "Ruijiang Cloud") was established2007Headquartered in Foshan City, with branches set up in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places, it is committed to providing the most professional cloud computing services and Internet data centers for mobile Internet, online games, portal websites and other enterprises around the world.IDC) and other basic Internet services。

       Ruijiang Cloud Computing's main business includes Internet dedicated line access (ISP), Internet data centers (IDC), cloud computing and cloud platforms, data disaster recovery and other services, and intelligenceDNSAnalysis, Ruijiang firewall, big data analysis system and other value-added services, and provide overall industry solutions。With the spirit of "innovation, progress, unity, and efficiency", through technology research and development, transformation, give play to the wisdom and initiative of personnel, support the expansion of the sales force with technology and service, and have made gratifying achievements。并在2015In the first half of this year, we successfully launched the self-developed "Ruijiangyun" product, which is widely used in finance, e-commerce, mobile Internet, online games, portal websites and other industries, playing an important role in ensuring corporate data security and saving operating costs, and actively responding to the national "Ruijiangyun" policy.The 13th Five-Year PlanThe National Informatization Plan, the Outline of the National Informatization Development Strategy, the National Cyberspace Security Strategy and other strategic requirements are closely connected with today's Internet development, and become one of the most competitive cloud computing data center operators in South China。

With advanced technology, professional services and excellent performance in the mobile Internet industry, Ruijiangyun won the "Oscar" reputation at the China Mobile Internet Innovation Trend Summit2016The "Best Enterprise Service Platform" of China Internet Products Award/Application "award, also inCloud China 2016Won the Yunfan Award awarded by Gongxin International --"2015-2016Annual Cloud Computing Excellent Solution Product Award "and"2015-2016The two heavyweight awards "Annual Cloud Computing Most Growth Enterprise Award" fully affirmed Ruijiang Cloud's achievements in the mobile Internet and cloud computing industry。

       Strong R & D strength is the core competitiveness of Ruijiangyun。In 2008, Ruijiang Cloud Computing officially becameCNNICAuthorized member, become one of the few in Foshan area with independent self-knowledge domain andIPAddress one of the companies。在2008-2019During this period, Ruijiangyun carried out large-scale research and development investment and network resource construction。Has successfully formedFoshan Internet Data analysis and exchange engineering technology research and development centerFoshan municipal enterprise technology center以及Guangdong Internet Data analysis and exchange engineering Technology Research CenterR&d strength has been unanimously recognized by Guangdong Province and Foshan Science and Technology Bureau。With advanced technology and professional services, we provide cloud solutions for industrial enterprises, won the trust of customers, and won the "Private science and Technology enterprises in Guangdong Province" and "Enterprises in Guangdong Province.500 "Strong" "Guangdong Province integrity demonstration enterprise" "Guangdong Province Innovation demonstration Enterprise" and other honorary titles。

       In 2018, Ruijiangyun was evaluatedFoshan benchmarking high-tech enterprisesWith Internet data analysis and exchange technology as the core, with the goal of building a leading cloud computing Internet of Things research and development center in China, it has organized and carried out a number of research and development projects and applied for independent intellectual property rights。At present, it has been accumulated100Software copyright,3A design patent,15Utility model patent (A kind of adaptive intelligenceDNSServerPatent acquisition2015Foshan Patent Award), and submitted260An invention patent application, invention patent authorization71件(The invention relates to an abnormal traffic detection methodPatent acquisition2017National Patent Award Excellence Award)。2019Annual passNational intellectual property advantage enterprises以及Guangdong intellectual property demonstration enterprise认定。Rui Jiangyun's scientific research achievements have been identified for many times and have been unanimously praised by the expert group。截至2020Rui Jiangyun has owned2Item "internationally advanced" and13Domestic leading technological achievements,Use innovative technology,To provide our customers with better coverage quality and more stable cloud computing services,It has created good economic benefits for enterprises and society,And continue to strengthen the research and development of core technologies for the next step based on Foshan to the country, to become a high-quality Internet resource platform provider in South China。