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BYD Auto Industry Co., LTD. (formerly known as Shenzhen BYD Auto Co., LTD., hereinafter referred to as BYD or the Company) is a limited liability company approved by the Shenzhen Administration for Industry and Commerce on August 3, 2006, which is composed of BYD Co., LTD and BYD (H.K.)CO.LIMITED is a joint venture company jointly funded。The registered capital of the company is 448 million US dollars, of which BYD Co., Ltd. contributed 327.25 million US dollars, accounting for 73 percent of the total capital.05%;BYD (H).K.)CO.LIMITED contributed $12.075 million, representing 26 percent of the total capital.95%。

The business scope of BYD Auto Industry Co., Ltd. covers automobiles, electric vehicles and their parts, automobile molds and related accessories, automobile electronic devices and automobiles,It covers more than 2.6 million square meters,It is located in BYD Auto production Park, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen,It is a new automobile base integrating research and development trial production, vehicle production and sales。The company has been awarded the "National high-tech Enterprise", "Guangdong Province strategic emerging Industry backbone Enterprise" and "Guangdong Province Strategic emerging Industry New energy vehicle base" and other honorary titles。

In 2019, China's new energy vehicle market ushered in the largest subsidy decline in history, the subsidy decline and the early switching of national six standards in some areas dragged down the industry for the first time, both production and sales fell year-on-year, and BYD's new energy vehicle sales also declined year-on-year。With the research and development of core technologies, the diversification of design teams and the improvement of product structure, BYD continues to enhance product competitiveness。During the year, the Group's sales of new energy vehicles still ranked among the top of the global sales of new energy vehicles, and its brand influence continued to increase。

In the field of new energy vehicles,Byd continues to push forward with the replacement of Dynasty models,Several models were released during the year,Including the new generation of Tang EV, the new Song Max plug-in hybrid version, the new Yuan EV, the new Qin EV and the iterative model Song Pro,With excellent performance and appearance to win the market praise。In 2019, Yuan EV and Tang DM ranked among the top five sales of new energy vehicles in China respectively, among which Tang DM sales outperformed the domestic new energy vehicle market with a price of more than 200,000 yuan, further consolidating the Group's leading position in the industry。

In the field of pure electric buses, BYD pure electric buses continue to be put into operation in Beijing, Sanya, Macao, Hong Kong, Lhasa and many other cities across the country, and the overall operation is good and has established a good brand reputation。In terms of overseas markets, BYD continues to promote the strategy of bus electrification, leading the global wave of bus electrification, and has completed the delivery of electric buses to the United Kingdom, Chile, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, France, Hungary, Denmark, Canada and India。

Under the "7+4" strategic layout of new energy vehicles, BYD continues to expand its penetration in the field of special vehicles, is committed to promoting the full market coverage of new energy vehicles, and helps the country win the major strategic deployment of the blue sky defense war。In 2019, BYD's mud trucks achieved sales of thousands of units, bringing new growth points to the commercial vehicle business。While deeply cultivating the new energy vehicle market, BYD continues to promote the development of traditional fuel vehicle business。In July 2019, the Group launched Song Pro, a new iteration of Song's product, which continues the Dragon Face family design and is paired with DiLink 2.0 intelligent network system, the fuel version has been widely praised by the market since its listing, and its sales have broken 10,000 for several consecutive months and continued to rise, becoming a new engine for the growth of fuel vehicle business。

In addition, the opening of BYD's supply and marketing system has opened a new chapter and achieved positive results。The Group signed a joint venture agreement with Toyota Motor Corporation on the establishment of a pure electric vehicle research and development company。Through cooperation with Toyota, it will comprehensively improve product research and development capabilities and quality control capabilities, further consolidate the core technology of electric vehicles, help open the overseas supply of components of the Group, and achieve rapid development of the Group。At the same time, BYD and Huawei signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides plan to carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the field of automobile intelligent network connection, intelligent driving, and jointly released the mobile NFC car key within the year, to bring more convenient and intelligent interactive experience for BYD users。