Guangdong Mupai Technology Co., LTD

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Guangdong Mupai Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established on August 22, 2017。For integration setThe company is mainly engaged in property leasing and development business, focusing on land and property development in high-tech industrial parks。

At present, the development project is located in Shunde Beijiao integrated Science and Innovation Park, which covers an area of 150 mu, with a total construction area of 610,000 square meters and a total investment of about 20.800 million yuan, is one of the key projects of Shunde District village industrial park upgrading, is also the first village reform project in Beijiao Town broke ground。It belongs to the city's key construction project, the city's key investment project。The industrial planning is a high-end intelligent manufacturing industrial park with high standards and high quality, led by strategic emerging industries such as smart home appliances, high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and electronic information industry, supported by innovative financial services, innovative scientific and technological services, and innovative industrial services。The park also has corporate headquarters office buildings, incubators, staff dormitories, dining and shopping facilities and other supporting living facilities, aiming to create a complete scientific and creative industry ecosystem。This project can not only enhance the land use value of Beijiao area, but also extend and broaden the industrial "smile curve", inject strong impetus into the industrial transformation and upgrading development of Beijiao Town, and have a far-reaching impact on the future development of Beijiao and even Shunde region。

In the future, the company will deeply cultivate Foshan, obtain more high-quality land resources, continue to strengthen development, further consolidate the brand position, enhance the capital operation capacity of the enterprise, and provide more possibilities for the sustainable development of the group。