OFweek 2019 China 3C Smart Manufacturing Technology Summit

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OFweek 2019 China 3C Smart Manufacturing Technology Summit

OFweek 2019 China 3C Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Summit


Intelligent manufacturing· Opening a new era of industry

2019年614    中国·深圳


一、 Conference introduction

In recent years, the demand for traditional consumer electronics products has slowed down, but smart speakers,The emerging consumer electronics market represented by VR and 5G mobile phones is growing rapidly,China is still the world's largest producer, exporter and consumer of consumer electronics products;More than 70% of the world's electronics are made in China,Such a huge consumer electronics market,For the 3C manufacturing industry to create sustained growth, but also for the upstream intelligent manufacturing equipment industry to provide a stable driving force;Competition is fierce in the 3C electronics industry with an output value of 4 trillion yuan,To meet the new needs of consumers,Increase consumer dependence on brands,3C electronics manufacturers can only improve their competitiveness by continuously introducing new products with new technologies or new processes and reducing product cycles。Therefore, to achieve industrial automation upgrading, reduce per capita costs, and improve labor production efficiency is the only way out for the 3C electronic manufacturing industry。

With the development of a new generation of information technology, artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, robots and other technologies have set off a huge industrial change in the manufacturing industry, and China's manufacturing industry has begun to transform to intelligent manufacturing.3C electronics manufacturing industry has therefore followed the wave of manufacturing and found an important opportunity for "overtaking curves"。As one of the main landing scenes of intelligent manufacturing, how does 3C electronics manufacturing continue to innovate and optimize in the upgrade of intelligent manufacturing to become a topic of focus in the middle and downstream of the industrial chain。

In this context, by the Chinese high-tech industry portalThe "OFweek 2019 China 3C Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Summit" hosted by OFweek Electronics Engineering Network, OFweek Industrial Control network and OFweek Robot network will be held in Shenzhen on June 14。The 3C application special session of this conference will invite senior experts in the field of robotics, machine vision, smart factory and automation in the field of 3C intelligent manufacturing, successful enterprises in the application of 3C intelligent manufacturing, industry executives and elites to gather together,Take the pulse 3C wisdom to shape the future development trend,Discuss 3C's latest automated production technology and intelligent manufacturing solutions together。


2. Highlights of the Conference

大咖领衔 Reveal global innovation trendsFocusing on robot, machine vision, industrial automation, laser processing and other intelligent manufacturing industry forward-looking technology and application topics, invited top academic authorities and industry big coffee to discuss the future trend and the development direction of industry, grasp the direction of intelligent manufacturing industry, and help practitioners layout the future market in advance。

Feel the pulse of industry Interdisciplinary interdisciplinary integrationIntelligent manufacturing has increasingly become a major trend and core content of the development of the future manufacturing industry, including the technology landing in the field of robot, machine vision, laser processing, especially inThe application of 3C industry is the biggest hot spot。The conference will cross-boundary integration of multiple industry technology hotspots, in-depth analysis, analysis of the future development trend and iteration key points of intelligent manufacturing industry。

Resource pooling Several industry sessions: Forward-looking and timely hot topics, face to face with the industry's top science and technology experts and industry big coffee, learn the latest scientific research results, get the right solution。At the same time, the conference has a number of professional conferences and selection activities, bringing together thousands of elites from internationally renowned enterprise executives, industry senior experts and professional analysis institutions in the fields of industrial manufacturing, laser and robotics to create a platform for advantageous networking resources in the industry。

Media focus Brand enhancement is the only step: The conference will use a full range of media resources at home and abroad to provide opportunities for exclusive coverage of outstanding projects and achievements, tailor-made event PR, mining news points, search guidance, etc., and will also invite well-known mainstream media on-site to follow up the whole process。Effectively help enterprises to expand brand and influence, to capture more market opportunities。


Iii. Schedule of the Conference


OFweek 2019 China 3C Smart Manufacturing Technology Summit


Morning: Applications and cases of intelligent manufacturing in the 3C field

Venue 2 (closed)


Conference sign-in, brand presentation


2019 China 3C manufacturing industry development trend and market prospects forecast

How to further improve the degree of automation in 3C industry

AGV mobile robots help electronics factory logistics

3C Pain points and difficulties of intelligent transformation

Introducing machine vision applications in the 3C electronics industry

How can industrial robots enable 3C intelligent manufacturing

Electronic industry status and development trend analysis

How do 3C industry and robots integrate into depth?       

How to overcome the pain points in the transition from traditional technology transformation to smart new factories

How to achieve a total automation solution that truly aligns with products and processes?


End of meeting+Interactive communication

* Remarks: More meeting schedule will be updated, the final schedule is subject to the announcement on site。

Concurrent activity arrangement

OFweek 2019 China Intelligent Manufacturing Conference and Exhibition [June 13 - June 14]

Venue One

OFweek 2019 ChinaIntelligent Manufacturing Conference and Exhibition [6月13日

Venue 2

OFweek 2019(9th) China Robot Industry Conference6月13日

Venue 3

OFweek 2019Machine Vision Technology and Application Forum6月13日

Venue 4

OFweek 2019(15th) China Advanced Laser Processing Technology Application Seminar6月14日


四、Intended guest

Du Ruxu

Fellow, Canadian Academy of Engineering


Professor, Dean, Institute of Robot Intelligence Technology, Jinan University

Hu Yueming

Vice President of Guangdong Automation SocietyProfessor, School of Automation, South China University of Technology


Professor, School of Optoelectronic Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University

Xu Xiaomin

Secretary General of Guangdong Electronic Information Industry Association


General Manager of Evert Robotics

Tupin Saint

Vice President and Chief Engineer of Phoenix (China) Investment Co., LTD

Bao Wentao

Youao robot China technical director

Wang Jiangbing



General manager of Shanghai Fanuc Robot Co., LTD


Vice general manager of the robot

Yan Caizhong

Midea robot company motion control China R & D center R & D director


Vice President of Hikon Robotics

Bob Bowen

President, Automation Global Power and Transmission Control Division, Rockwell Automation (China) Co., LTD


President, Mitsubishi Electric Automation (China) Co., LTD

Chen Zhenguo

Vice President, Foxconn Technology Group

Zhou Xiaofu

Head of Industrial Software Department of TCL Intelligent Industry

Deng Bohe

General Manager of Manufacturing process Department of Konka Group Co., LTD

Zheng Huawei

Smart Factory Project Manager, ZTE Corporation

Note: More invitation list is not listed, for details, please contact the conference team。


V. Review of previous sessions

OFweek2018 China Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation and Development Summit Forum (Shenzhen Station)


OFweek2018 China Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation and Development Summit Forum (Shanghai)


2017 (7th) China Robot Industry Summit Forum


OFweek 2016 China Robot industry annual selection



6. Participants

Founder and senior executive of 3C manufacturing company;

3C parts manufacturers, CNC machine tool manufacturers, machine processing equipment manufacturers;
CNC machining manufacturers, process design and mold design and manufacturing enterprises;
3C automation equipment manufacturers and integrators, 3C manufacturing solution providers;
3C intelligent manufacturing field robot enterprises, machine vision inspection suppliers;
3C manufacturing related universities and research institutes, industry associations, manufacturing research institutions;
Leaders and staff of relevant government departments, representatives of relevant chambers of commerce and other social organizations;
Senior media and3C manufacturing-related industry entrepreneurs and practitioners。


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