Guangdong Institute of Electronic and Electrical Appliances

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Guangdong Institute of Electronic and Electrical Appliances (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) is a backbone scientific research institution under the Guangdong Academy of Sciences. Its main business scope includes: conducting technical research on electronic and electrical products, providing technical services such as quality testing and analysis of electronic and electrical products, instrument and equipment calibration, software product evaluation, and product development of electronic and electrical instruments。The institute was founded in 1973, jointly funded by the former Ministry of Electronics Industry and the people's Government of Guangdong Province, formerly known as: Guangdong Province Electronic Products Routine Test Station, Guangdong Province Electronic Products Supervision and Inspection Institute, Guangdong Province Electronic and Electrical Products Supervision and Inspection Institute。Since 1989, the institute has been the "Guangdong Province Quality supervision Electronic products Inspection Station" authorized by the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, and undertakes the task of quality supervision and inspection of electronic products in Guangdong Province。Since establishment,I have successively obtained the authorization of the relevant departments,Undertook the national production license confirmation test and export production license confirmation test for some electronic products (including audio and video products, information technology products),And the electronic information product quality evaluation test, quality supervision and inspection, arbitration inspection, scientific and technological achievements appraisal test tasks,Completed a large number of enterprise entrusted inspection tasks。

The Institute is a scientific research and third-party testing institution established by law with independent legal status。I am located in Guangzhou Sanyuan Li,Covers an area of more than 3000 square meters,Has all kinds of testing equipment and standard measuring instruments more than 600 sets (sets),Advanced instruments and equipment,High quality and experienced personnel,Relevant testing and calibration capabilities have been recognized by the laboratory qualification, CNAS laboratory accreditation, IECEE-CB testing laboratory accreditation。The testing business includes electronic and electrical products safety inspection, electromagnetic compatibility inspection, performance inspection, environmental and reliability testing, hazardous substances inspection (RoHS);The calibration business includes electronic measuring instruments, environmental test equipment, length calibration, etc。The institute has established cooperative relations with many well-known certification bodies at home and abroad to carry out international certification business of electronic and electrical products。