Guangzhou Yingshou information Technology Co., LTD

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Established in 2013, Guangzhou Yingshou Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional consulting company that provides government investment promotion intermediary services and promotes investment of domestic and foreign enterprises。The company is integrity-based, adhering to the professional spirit, and taking practical operation and effectiveness as the core, to help customers solve the problem that they want to do but have no time and energy to do。The company's main products and services: (1) Government investment promotion intermediary services 1, investment promotion research and planning industry research, industrial positioning and planning, industrial investment, investment planning, etc。2, investment promotion information investment project management system, carrier management system, customer management system, official website construction, official website content operation and maintenance and related information construction。3. Introduction of investment projects: Provide information on advanced manufacturing and modern service industry investment projects for government investment promotion agencies at all levels, and promote the project settlement and operation。4. Undertake investment promotion activities: Cooperate with local government agencies to organize investment promotion activities in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other Pearl River Delta regions。5. Investment consultant: including providing investment project information, visiting key enterprises, organizing enterprises to visit the local area and other services。1. Project investment site selection: Provide site selection services for domestic and foreign enterprises to invest in China, especially in Guangdong, help enterprises connect with government investment promotion agencies, and strive to help enterprises invest and settle down at low cost。2. Project merger and acquisition docking in the early stage: provide preliminary screening for merger and acquisition projects, docking target enterprises, and promote the docking negotiations between the two sides。3, enterprise registration and project approval agent: provide enterprise registration, project approval agent services for enterprise investment settlement。4, Enterprise government affairs consulting: help enterprises to coordinate government functional departments at all levels, provide coordination and docking consulting services。