China Quality Certification Center Guangzhou branch

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China Quality Certification Center Guangzhou Branch is currently the branch with the largest number of CQC personnel and the largest business volume, and the work area includes Guangdong (except Shenzhen) and Guangxi。The main business includes factory inspection, product certification, two-party audit, training and other business,It consists of a certification department, certification Department, certification department, inspection department, inspection department, inspection department, training and development Department, South China Green Design research and Development base, ASEAN quality testing and certification Research center, Marketing Department, technical quality Department, comprehensive Department, a total of 12 departments。Guangzhou Branch Center has been established since 2002,After years of development,Adhering to the CQC core cultural concept of "harmony, progress, responsibility" and "to the utmost sincerity.,Perseverance "customer service concept,With a wide range of professional, comprehensive technology, high-quality personnel team,To provide efficient and high-quality "one-stop" services for customers in the area。

China Quality Certification Center South China Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as South China Laboratory) is a comprehensive and multi-functional laboratory under China Quality Certification Center, and is a third-party product testing organization。South China Laboratory was established on December 3, 2009, with a number of professional testing laboratories。In order to meet the testing, certification, training needs of the majority of enterprises,At present, the laboratory in Zhongshan, Guangzhou Science City, Guangzhou Zengcheng, Dongguan four places with a total area of more than 10,000 square meters of various products professional testing rooms,More than 1000 sets of international leading testing equipment,As well as a group of experienced testing and consulting experts。

South China Laboratory accreditation testing scope includes physical, plumbing and sanitary ware, chemical testing, household and similar equipment, electrical and electronic products testing, audio and video equipment, information technology equipment, telecommunications terminal equipment, transformer equipment, LED module DC or AC electronic control devices, household power supply, electromagnetic compatibility testing, lighting electrical testing, lamps, motor testing, wire, electricityAccessories, environmental tests, children's products, machinery, metal materials, model products, batteries, automotive parts and materials, automotive power batteries, automotive charging piles, etc。