South China Agricultural University

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South China Agricultural University is a national key university, a "Project 211" university jointly built by Guangdong Province and the Ministry of Agriculture, and a key university in the construction of high-level universities in Guangdong Province。The campus is located in Guangzhou, known as the "Flower city" reputation, with a total land area of more than 8270 mu, including more than 4407 mu of Tianhe Wushan Campus and more than 3863 mu of Zengcheng teaching and research base。The total construction area of the school is 1.37 million square meters。It has initially formed the "Bauhinia campus of a forest all over the world" environment, where natural scenery and cultural landscape complement each other, making it a good place to study and study。   The school's long history can be traced back to the Guangdong Provincial agricultural Experiment Ground and the attached agricultural Institute, which was founded in 1909。In 1952, during the adjustment of colleges and departments across the country, South China Agricultural College was formed by the merger of the College of Agriculture of Sun Yat-sen University, the College of Agriculture of Lingnan University, and the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine and the Department of Disease and Insect Pest of the College of Agriculture of Guangxi University, under the supervision of the Ministry of Agriculture;。In 1984, it was renamed South China Agricultural University。In 2000, the state deepened the reform of the management system of colleges and universities, and the university was assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture to Guangdong Province。In December 2004, he was rated as excellent in the undergraduate teaching level assessment of the Ministry of Education。The current secretary of the Party Committee of the University is Professor Li Dasheng, and the president is Professor Chen Xiaoyang。  In the course of running the school for more than 100 years, the school has formed a fine tradition of running the school, distinctive characteristics of running the school and the school spirit of "moral, erudite, truth-seeking and innovative", and has established a multi-level and multi-form system of graduate education, undergraduate education and continuing education。The school has a complete range of subjects,There are 95 undergraduate programs,Twelve doctoral degrees are authorized in first-level disciplines,1 PhD professional degree category,28 Master's degrees are authorized in first-level disciplines,12 Master's professional degree categories,60 doctoral programs,119 master's degree programs;There are five national key disciplines: agricultural insect and pest control, crop genetics and breeding, agricultural economic management, fruit science and preventive veterinary medicine,Agricultural mechanization engineering is a national key (cultivation) discipline,5 key disciplines of agriculture,13 key disciplines of Guangdong Province,4 secondary key disciplines of Guangdong Province and 2 key disciplines of the State Forestry Administration。Three disciplines of agricultural science, botany and Zoology, and chemistry are ranked in the top 1% of ESI world rankings。  The school has a strong faculty。There are more than 3,400 faculty members,There are more than 1500 professors and associate professors,其中,2 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences,1 member of Chinese Academy of Engineering,Introduce a team of academicians,The Academic Degrees Committee of The State Council has 5 members,National "Thousand Talents Plan" 11 people,"Changjiang Scholars Award Program" has 9 professors,7 recipients of the National Outstanding Youth Fund,3 recipients of the National Outstanding Youth Fund,National Special support Plan (10,000 people plan) 12 people,Guangdong Province leading talents 2,Guangdong Province special support plan 27 people,Guangdong Provincial colleges Zhujiang scholars post plan 25 people,Eight people were selected for the "Millions of Talents Project" of the Ministry of Human Resources (Affairs) and Social Security,Ministry of Education cross/New century excellent personnel training program 12 people,Guangdong Province "thousand hundred ten project" national training object 5 people,There are 6 young and middle-aged leading talents in science and technology innovation in the Ministry of Science and Technology,Ministry of Agriculture agricultural scientific research outstanding talents 4,There are 3 national famous teachers,There are 4 national teaching teams,There are 311 doctoral supervisors,There are 1145 master tutors。  The school is committed to innovative talent training mode, and strives to cultivate high-quality specialized talents and top-of-the-line innovative talents with persistent faith, good moral character, rich knowledge and excellent skills。The university has 26 colleges (departments) with 4 full-time students.More than 20,000 people, including undergraduates 3.More than 60,000 students, more than 5,000 graduate students, and 131 international students from 40 countries and regions。There are 13 national quality (bilingual) courses, 26 provincial quality courses, 2 national quality video open courses and 6 provincial quality video open courses。There are 6 national quality resource sharing courses and 57 provincial quality resource sharing courses。There are 4 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 25 Guangdong provincial university experimental teaching demonstration centers, 12 national specialty specialties, 25 Guangdong specialty specialties, 2 national specialty comprehensive reform pilot programs, and 8 National outstanding Talents Training program specialties。There is one national talent training model innovation experimental area and six national off-campus practice education bases for college students。The school formed Ding Ying innovation class as a breakthrough point,Major and minor, double degree, international joint education as the main line,The combination of point, line and surface based on platform plus module,A new model of multi-level and diversified talent training;The innovation plan for postgraduate education has achieved remarkable results,At present, the school has won a total of 4 outstanding doctoral dissertations,There were 6 nominated papers,The subjects of the thesis cover agronomy, engineering and management。In 2014, it was named "National Typical experience University for Graduates' Employment" by the Ministry of Education.。  The school has good conditions for conducting scientific research。At present, the State Key Laboratory for the Protection and Utilization of subtropical Agricultural Biological Resources, the National Research Center of Plant Aerospace Breeding Engineering Technology, the National Research Center of Pig Seed Industry Engineering Technology, the National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Zoonosis Prevention and Control preparations, the National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center of Livestock and Poultry Breeding (Guangdong), the National Laboratory of Veterinary Microbial Resistance Risk Assessment, livestock and poultry productsThere are eight national research platforms, including the National and Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Precision Processing and Safety Control Technology (Guangdong) and the National International Joint Research Center for Precision Agriculture Aviation Application Technology,There are 11 postdoctoral research mobile stations,2 key laboratories of Ministry of Education,10 key laboratories of the Ministry of Agriculture,Ministry of Agriculture scientific observation experiment station 3,1 Key laboratory of Ministry of Land and Resources,13 key laboratories in Guangdong Province,Guangdong Province engineering laboratory 1,3 Engineering Research Centers of the Ministry of Education,Guangdong Province engineering technology research center 33,There are 8 demonstration bases for the combination of production, learning and research in Guangdong Province,2 key research bases of humanities and social sciences in Guangdong Province。New Varieties of Plants Testing Branch Center of Ministry of Agriculture (Guangzhou), Quality Supervision and Testing Center of Livestock and Poultry Products of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas (Guangzhou), Ecological Environment Safety Supervision and Testing Center of Plants and Plant Microorganisms of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas (Guangzhou), Guangdong Rural Policy Research Center, Guangdong Low Carbon Economy and Climate Change Research Center, Guangdong Quality Supervision Wood and wood Products InspectionAll stations are located in schools。      The school has excellent teaching and service conditions。The library has 890 books.More than 10,000 volumes (including electronic literature);The campus network can be connected with the Internet gigabit high-speed;Modern Education Technology Center has advanced audio-visual production, multimedia courseware production equipment,Various means that can provide teachers and students with modern educational technology teaching conditions;There is a foreign language teaching radio station directly serving college students, a graduate employment guidance center, a work-study management service center, a mental health counseling center and a student activity center;There are 14 on-campus teaching practice bases and 550 off-campus teaching practice bases;There are 4 standard plastic track sports fields and various sports venues。  The school actively carries out international exchanges and cooperation。It has signed inter-university cooperation agreements or memoranda with 91 universities and research institutions in 30 countries and regions on five continents, and has carried out various forms of undergraduate and postgraduate joint training and vacation exchange programs.Academic exchanges with some universities in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have also been strengthened。Every year, a large number of foreign scholars come to our school to exchange and give lectures。The university has sent a large number of backbone teachers to study abroad for degrees or scientific research cooperation。The United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Food Council (WFC) have successively established the Asia Pacific Sericulture Training Center and the China International Agricultural Training Center in our school。  In a new stage of historical development,South China Agricultural University will adhere to the philosophy of advocating academics and quality first,Adhere to the educational concept of educating people and moral education first,Adhere to the academic school, talent strong school, characteristics of the school, learning style of shaping the school, harmonious school strategy,Adhere to the school-running policy of coordinated development of scale, structure, quality and efficiency,Adhere to the innovative development of agriculture and forestry disciplines, the development of science and technology disciplines, humanities and social sciences characteristic development of development ideas,Strive to build the school with agricultural science and life science as advantages,It is characterized by agricultural research in tropical and subtropical regions,Agriculture, industry, arts, science, economics, management, law, art and other disciplines developed in a coordinated manner,The overall school level ranks first in China,Advantages and characteristics The research of disciplines and fields has reached the international advanced level,It is a teaching and research university with distinctive characteristics, international reputation and high level in China。