Dongguan Pacific Computer Technology Co., LTD

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Pacific Computer Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993,It was officially established in March 1997,Registered capital 6 million,It is a high-tech computer enterprise in Guangdong Province ,Is a company with several branches, monthly sales of more than 10 million,Independent research and development, production capacity,At the same time, the agency of hundreds of well-known brands at home and abroad, hundreds of products of large IT companies, system integrators。The company has passed the national computer system integration level qualification, ISO 9001 certification, 3C certification and other international and domestic certifications。In these international and domestic well-known brands of software and hardware products agent sales and value-added services;Network, cabling and system integration basis。The company adheres to the concept of "realistic and innovative",Continue to introduce products and solutions suitable for our customers' requirements,Products are mainly used in enterprises, education, securities, medical, financial and other industries and government agencies at all levels,While serving our customers,Pacific has grown rapidly with its customers,Grow into a leading system integrator in Dongguan region。
 太平洋计算机科技有限公司以技术和服务为核心竞争力,公司引进和培养了一批专业的技术工程师,为用户提供专业化的系统集成解决方案;建立了一套完善的售前、售中和售后服务体系。Bring the most applicable technology and the most intimate service to our customers。
奔涌而来的信息时代为我们提供了一个前所未有的发展机遇,商机无限,前途光明;但却变幻莫测、充满挑战。We will keep up with the pace of The Times, keep pace with The Times, adjust and formulate sustainable development of enterprise planning, and strive to become an excellent domestic IT enterprise in 5-10 years。