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Founded in September 2010, WIOT is an investment, development and operation service provider for emerging industry gathering and integrated service platform。

Adopt the innovative development model of "government support, enterprise leading and government-enterprise linkage",Iot World bears the mission of building and operating "Guangdong iot application Industrial Base",The base is a key project of "China-Eu Urbanization Cooperation Demonstration Zone" and a national "Smart park" pilot project of China and the European Union,The planned area is more than 1.5 million square meters,Unified planning,Phased development。

The base plans to introduce more than 200 large-scale enterprises, 500-800 growth enterprises, incubators to maintain more than 150 growth of start-up enterprises, related industries are expected to achieve 80-100 billion yuan of output value scale。

Iot World is currently operating the "Internet of Things Industrial Park Demonstration Zone", investment 2.700 million yuan, construction area of 30,000 square meters, has been grand opening on February 16, 2012, about 100 international and domestic enterprises and institutions settled in the park。

Adhering to the theme park construction concept of promoting industrial agglomeration and development through the construction of urban "industrial symbiotic community (MED)", Chuangzhi Valley will be the first leading thematic low-carbon smart park demonstration project invested by the Internet of Things。

Chuangzhi Valley positioning with "new city, new technology, new life" as the theme, the Internet of Things industry as the core, to build the Internet of Things technology panoramic intelligent application industrial symbiotic community, will be built the Internet of Things industry wisdom, ecological demonstration city。The planning and construction area includes ecological office area, research and development functional area, incubation functional area, experience exhibition and trade area, business and commercial service area, cultural and leisure area and other functional areas。The clear industrial demand and urban function positioning will build the project into "a new platform for incubating strategic emerging industries, a new business territory for scientific and technological professionals, a new gathering and communication field for emerging white-collar workers, a new experience for commercial consumption of family members, and a new tourism base for urban residents".。

Chuangzhi Valley phase I product "International Smart Home E-City", the project covers a total area of 125 acres, construction area of about 350,000 square meters, is a national smart park pilot jointly reviewed and recognized by the Ministry of Housing and Construction and the Ministry of Science and Technology。International Smart Home E-City with smart home professional incubator platform, smart home professional market, smart life "three wheel drive", is committed to building the world's first smart home international exhibition and trade platform。

The International Smart Home E-City takes "smart home" as the industry theme, focusing on the international smart home professional market and seizing trillions of business opportunities。Lecong has more than 30,000 global furniture buyers every day, Shunde is "the key town of China's home appliance industry",The advantages of traditional furniture and home appliances have laid a unique advantage for the development of the "smart home" industry in Lecong,The Internet of Things and Internet + are promoting Lecong to upgrade from the traditional "World furniture trade capital" to "World Home trade capital".。"Smart home" will become a new business card of Le Cong Home after furniture。Along with the trend, Chuangzhi Valley Phase I international smart home E-City - the global smart home products and technology distribution center, has more unique advantages, and more unlimited business opportunities。