China Electronics Technology Group Corporation seventh Research Institute

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The seventh Research Institute of China Electronic Science and Technology Group Corporation, formerly known as the state-owned Shahe Radio Equipment Factory, was changed into a research institute in 1964. It is successively affiliated to the fourth Ministry of Machinery Industry, the Ministry of Electronics Industry, the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry, the Ministry of Electronics Industry, and the Ministry of Information Industry。

The Seventh Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation is located at No. 381 Xingang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou。Mainly engaged in mobile communication system and equipment development and production, communication network planning, cloud computing applications, printed circuit board design and manufacturing and Internet of Things technology research。

Founded in 1958。In 1976, it was converted into a mobile communications Research Institute。In 1996, China's first GSM mobile phone with independent intellectual property rights was developed。1998年2月14日,江泽民总书记等中央领导参观并试用了该手机。Since 2002, it has been affiliated to China Electronics Technology Group Corporation。

Now it has a holding listed company (Guangzhou Jesai Technology Co., LTD.) and a wholly-owned company (Guangzhou Hongyu Technology Co., LTD.)。It has a post-doctoral research workstation and a national engineering research Center for mobile communications。Host and publish China's core science and technology periodical "Mobile Communication"。

The seven have a strong research and development team, undertake a number of key scientific research projects, and many people enjoy special government subsidies of The State Council。By the end of 2012, 371 patents had been applied for, of which 279 were invention patents and 142 were authorized。Won 97 national, provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, of which 1 won the "National Science and Technology Progress Award" in 2007.。