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Founded in 1988, UF is a leading provider of software, cloud services and financial services for enterprises and public organizations in the Asia-Pacific region, with rapid development in the fields of digital marketing and customer service, social and collaborative office, intelligent manufacturing, financial/manpower sharing services, and corporate financial services。Uf is the largest management software /ERP service provider in China and the largest independent software vendor in China,Adhere to the user's friend, professional struggle, open innovation and honest cooperation,Achieve customer success by innovating and operating high customer value products and services,Win customer trust and long-term cooperation,Using ideas and technology to advance business and society。At present, Yonyou has more than 14,000 employees, 5 listed companies under the company, more than 20 member institutions, and has set up business and research and development institutions in China and many countries around the world, and has served more than 2 million large and medium-sized enterprise customers。

Starting from financial software in 1988, UF promoted the computerized accounting of Chinese enterprises by popularizing the application of financial software, which is the first step in the development of UF.Age 0;In 1998, he entered the field of enterprise management software and services,We provide ERP software, group management software, human resource management software, customer relationship management software, small business management software, financial and administrative institutions management software, automotive industry management software, tobacco industry management software, internal audit software and services for China and the Asia-Pacific region,It has supported the informatization construction of many enterprises in China,Promote the progress of enterprise management,Is UF development 2.0时代。现在,Uf is a new generation of enterprise computing technology based on mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and blockchain,It has formed an enterprise Internet service with "software, cloud services and finance" as the three core businesses,The business area has expanded from the previous business management to business operations and corporate finance,Service level from enterprise to social level,Is UF development 3.0时代。

In the past 30 years, UF has continued to focus on innovation and development in the field of enterprise and public organization informatization, and has a profound accumulation in customer and partner foundation, professional team and field experience。And in the new generation of technology and enterprise application innovation, China is almost synchronized with the world;At the same time, based on a better understanding of the advantages of Chinese enterprises, Yonyou has built a new enterprise Internet service product system through technology upgrading, product innovation and model transformation。Uf will actively promote the integration of cloud service platforms and products within the company, between cloud services and software and finance, and the sharing of public service platforms。At the same time, UF will uphold the spirit of openness and innovation in the Internet era, build an enterprise Internet service ecosystem, and strive to become the world's leading provider of software, cloud services and financial services for enterprises and public organizations。